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An Outlook on the Furniture Industry

Originally published in Axial

by Bo Stump

The furniture industry, like many others, has experienced rapid changes this year. Most notably: Consumption Patterns. The existential COVID-19 mandate to work (or for many, live) at home all day, every day, has been a boon to home and home office furnishings suppliers, as many consumers realized they needed a better home office, while others took the opportunity to upgrade dining and living areas. Many employers now give ...

Reflections on 2020 and a look forward to 2021

Originally published in Home News Now

Stump & Co.’s Bo Stump is optimistic about the year ahead, projecting sustainable high demand and a supply chain gradually regaining balance

by Bo Stump

When 2020 began our country was dealing with a presidential impeachment process, a roaring economy, a record setting stock market, and hopes of sustaining a 10+ year business cycle.

Bo Stump
Bo Stump

On February 24th we attended Billy Joel’s monthly concert in NYC’s Madison ...

Four factors feeding record furniture sales

Originally published in Home News Now.

Stump & Co.’s Stuart Stump Mullens considers the drivers of the summer rebound and how well-positioned the industry is to continue on the upward path.

by Stuart Stump Mullens

In their latest earnings reports, many home furnishing retailers are reporting record-breaking quarters. This is a historical anomaly for the industry — to be leading the charge out of a recession (though a welcome one).

We see four primary ...

An Outlook on the Furniture Industry

Originally published in Home Furnishings Business

by Bo Stump

2020 has proven to be the most challenging and perplexing year of the new century. A global pandemic went from 0 to 6 million cases in a matter of months, with hundreds of thousands of casualties. The crisis sparked rapid job layoffs, business closures, plummeting GDP numbers, and a collapse in equity markets. Racial, societal, and political unrest followed, with the specter of a volatile U ...

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