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2021 Disruptions to the Home Furnishings Industry

by Stuart Stump Mullens

originally published in Furniture Today

E-commerce and brick and mortar symbiosis. E-commerce continues to boom and is interestingly coming full circle. Wayfair announced last week they will start to open brick & mortar stores in 2022. In parallel brick-and-mortar flagship retailers from RH to Costco are investing heavily in their website presence and .com business, which is booming.

In Costco’s most recent earnings call they reported their .com business is up ...

Why is furniture hot right now?

by Stuart Stump Mullens

originally published in Furniture Today

Our residential furnishings industry is enjoying a surge in demand, and a lot of people don’t understand why (and wonder if it is here to stay). Here’s our take (long story short, we think our industry is in for a nice long run) on it.

With COVID-19 raging across the world, people spent more time at home and wanted new furnishings to enjoy: a new sofa ...

Boutique Design New York (BDNY) 2021

Our team traveled to New York for the annual BDNY hospitality show at the Javits Center and it was fantastic! Attendance far exceeded anyone’s expectations and the energy was strong. The exhibitors and attendees alike were optimistic about a rebound in hospitality business for 2022 and beyond.

New York was bustling too. The planes were packed, the restaurants full, and construction was everywhere. Hudson Yards has a new multi-building complex across from the Javits center ...

What’s all the fuss about Mexico?

by Tim Stump

originally published in Home News Now

TIJUANA, Mexico — The press has lately been relentless in its reporting on supply chain issues as many Asian countries continue with Covid-induced shutdowns, rising container costs, congested US ports, and prices increase on imports. This is leading many domestic companies to consider Mexico as a sourcing alternative thanks to its close border proximity, comparable first cost labor rates to China,
abundance of labor, and a ...

Fall High Point Market Recap

Our team worked the halls of the High Point market for 6 days and were pleased with the attendance, energy, and optimism. Most clients told us that total visits were probably 40-50% below pre-covid levels, but much better than expected. A few Canadians crossed the borders given the new transit rules, and there were several Asian and European groups in attendance as well. Best of all, the weather was a perfect North Carolina autumn, making ...

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